Roman blinds are lined and interlined with bonded interlining (can be blackout) which gives a crispness and form to the blind.  I don't use unsightly roman blind tape but make the rod pockets out of the lining and hand interlock along the rod pocket so that there is no visible stitching on the front of the blind. 

Roman blinds can be fitted within the recess or above the recess to maximise the light source and a home measure is important to see where best the blind should be fitted. 

Roman blinds are made compliant with Child Safety Legislation BSEN13120:2009+A:12014) which came into effect on 28th February 2014 and come with a safety breakaway cog device. 


Roller Blinds:

These can be selected from roller blind fabric sample books or if you would like your roller blinds to match your curtains/roman blinds, providing the fabric is suitable, I can send your fabric off to be made into a roller blind.  Roller blinds are an outsourced product as they require a laminating service for want of a better word.  The fabric goes through a process of drawing the weave together tighter to create a roll and doesn't appear 'plasticky' at all but tactile and soft to the touch.  Roller blinds are a fantastic window dressing for kitchens and bathrooms and I have carefully chosen my supplier based on their quality of finish. 

The photo below left is a roller blind with a fascia cassette at the top so you don't see the roller.  The photo below right shows a semi-sheer roller blind as the rooms were not overlooked and the client wanted to have some light penetration, whilst also being relatively private. 

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Venetian Blinds

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Velux Blinds